About us

ERP Solution Provider

We can be a trusted partner that takes you even higher

Havi Technology is the only Odoo Gold Partner in Sydney. Intelligent, trustworthy and highly motivated, Havi bridges the gap between the unique needs of a business and the appropriate ERP system.

Our professional guidance helps people feel safe and secure during the process of implementation, making us as a reliable source of assistance on an on-going basis.  

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What we do

Our specialty is implementing and deploying ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes. We offer competitive price and professional services, including setup, customisation, support and training from end-to-end.

Our unique method of implementation, from analysing requirements to detailed process review, will ensure a smooth, hassle-free ERP implementation for your business. 

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Our vision

At Havi, our experts are always ready to innovate and break the barrier. We bеlіеvе in pursuing knowledge and improving the ERP landscape асrоѕѕ different verticals .

Our vision is to deliver solutions and in turn form customers’ satisfaction. We strives to uphold your unique needs with the utmost dedication and profession. What sets us apart from others? Havi is willing to dive into the depth of difficulties to obtain the best solution for your problems. Our genuine support and services will be the stepping stone that leads you to greater progress and development.

With our top-notch solutions, growing and reaching further milestones with your business will certainly be in the palm of your hand. 

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