Our expert team can steer your business through each and every stage of your ERP journey. We can either take you from start to finish (with ongoing support) or you can cherry pick from the following services.

ERP consultation

We take time to understand your business inside and out, then present ideas and options to transform your business for the better.
Innovate with a trusted partner

We start by listening to you. By understanding where your business is now – and where you want to take it – we’ll design an ERP solution to match your ambitions. We’ll also take the time to understand your current workflows, pain points and specific requirements.

We are agnostic about software products and fluent in a range of software for ERP, CRM, accounting, payroll, manufacturing, and much more. Our priority is to find the right solutions for your business and join them up to make your business simpler, faster, and more efficient.

We combine technical skills and ingenuity to design architecture, frameworks, user experience and customer experience to set your business up for success. Depending on your needs, that might include stand-up functionality, customisation and/or migration from legacy systems. All the way along, we’ll answer your questions and continue listening, to ensure we design a solution that is the perfect fit for your organisation.


Our project implementation leaves no stone unturned. We’re with you every step of the way.
Transform your business with confidence

Our implementation service is comprehensive and collaborative. We’ll set up a robust system with you, ensuring you have visibility of the logic and methodology behind our work. We’ll keep you regularly updated on progress and results. And if any ‘bumps in the road’ pop up, we’ll act swiftly to address them.

We also understand that markets can be dynamic and unpredictable. So our job is not only to set up your systems, but also to futureproof them. This gives you the peace of mind that – as your business grows or evolves – your systems can adapt too.

Our expert team provides training, support and materials to key people in your organisation, allowing training and knowledge to ripple out across your workforce. We can train your IT team and equip them with the DevOps knowledge to code and troubleshoot. And after implementation, our guarantee period ensures you have access to technical support to get you on your feet, answer questions, and fix any teething problems.


Our expert team can mould software around your unique business operations and your customers’ needs.
Imagine your perfect business, then create it

Businesses are like people – they are all unique in their own way. So while out-of-the-box solutions can be great, sometimes a bespoke approach is required. We have the know-how to add functionality to software and/or integrate software with other systems to meet your exact needs.

Along the way, we make sure all customisation is futureproofed and sustainable – so that your software can grow with your business. That includes guiding your team through the customisation process (sharing all details, source code, etc) so that you can independently develop or change in the future.

Cloud hosting

If you require cloud hosting, we’re here to help. Our hosting solution is fast, reliable, secure and scalable.
Total certainty over hosting

Many clients take up the option for us to provide them with cloud hosting services. We tailor our cloud hosting to your business needs, to ensure it is:

Fast: We optimise the configuration to maximise performance and make the most of your resources.

Flexible: We configure the hardware so that you can depend on it during peak periods (e.g. Christmas) or during times of rapid growth.

Secure: We harness Amazon’s security service to deliver cyber safety that meets and often exceeds industry best practice. We can encrypt data in your hard drive or database, as well as data in transport (server, browser, etc).

Reliable: We monitor your cloud hosting to ensure business continuity, working constantly in the background on upgrades, security patches, bug fixing, etc.

Odoo support

As an Odoo gold partner, we can support and guide you to ensure your ERP system evolves as your business grows.
Futureproof your business

As a gold partner, we understand Odoo inside out and back to front. So, if you’re looking for ongoing Odoo support, look no further.

Whether you’re new to Odoo, or established with Odoo and seeking extra solutions/customisation, or considering switching to a new Odoo partner – we can help.

Contact us

Call or email us to discuss how to make your business simpler, faster and more efficient. Free demonstrations available upon request.