A Successful Odoo Implementation will bring your business to the next level

The assistance of trustworthy professionals is the optimal choice to acquire a successful ERP implementation.  Through consultation, our experts can teach, coach, and ultimately provide you with an ideal concept adjustable to the complexity and size of your project. At Havi, we utilize the best technologies to deliver a rich, easy-to-use, easy-to-access applications for your Odoo implementation, thereby reducing the complexity and enhancing performance and productivity of your business environment.


"Will my Odoo remain up and stable?" - This is a common question and we totally understand your concern. But rest assured!  Our hosting service is 99.99% uptime, with scalability, easy backup and restore t o push you toward a sustainable growth . Your system will be monitored and maintained 24/7 by our technical experts.


After having a thorough understanding of your requirements, our professionals will proceed with your implementation by using our unique methodology. Also, we will prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analysis to help you decide whether implementing the proposed technology is financially feasible for your business.


Having the proper solutions, we aim to develop a functional and technically strong system that does not only coordinate, collaborate with your workflow but also satisfying your needs and requirements. When developing modifications, our goal is your improved productivity with short payback periods.


Always beside you as a helping hand to handle all the hazy situations. We provide functional support and bug fixing to keep your ERP implementation a flawless  experience and thereby establish your business at a higher stage.


As Odoo is vast and big, a good training will enhance professionalism. We provide successful Odoo training to end users after the implementation through Skype, Teamviewer, videos and allied documents.


For a successful business run, data should be intact and proper. We take utmost care and attention by transferring your existing data from the present application including software, excel files to the new Odoo ERP. 


In the business environment, off-the-shelf software is a rare fit. With such a belief, we strive to deliver an exclusive Odoo for your organization.  We also understand that every business operates differently from the next and your needs are unique. That's why our experienced team of programmers are constantly sharpening their broad range of technical skills to help you implement custom designs that could facilitate the changes in your business.

 benefits of a Customised ERP 

Higher Productivity

Small changes to a system can provide big payoffs in productivity. The main aim of customisation is to improve your efficiency.

Cost Saving  

A simple customisation can save your costs by reducing double entry of information and overheads associated with additional staff.

Competitive Advantage

By giving your business an innovated implementation, it will be easy for you to stay ahead of other competitors.


 rEnovate YOUR ODOO

You have problems regarding Odoo? Are you stuck on a previous Odoo development? Come and let us help!

Our experienced and passionate team has the functional and technical skills required to:

  • Confirm that your business processes and requirements can be supported by Odoo.

  • Identify areas of risks where it is not easy for your requirements to map to Odoo.

  • Gain confidence in product selection before executing costly implementations.